Tuesday, July 3, 2007

TimeWarner cable internet SUCKS.

TimeWarner cable internet SUCKS.
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We've had Roadrunner internet through Time Warner Cable since November. We've always had kind of spotty service, but never this bad. Since Thursday the connection keeps going down, we'll reset the modem and wireless router and then within a few seconds to a few hours, it will inevitably drop off again. We're now told this is because the modem the company supplied us with does not support a wireless router or more than one internet connection. Say what?! Why didn't they tell us this 8 months ago? We've been waiting for a tech support call for three days. It's not like I'm waiting for the connection to view some porn or something--the internet is my job!

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Anonymous said...

hey, maybe i can be of help. had the same prob with TWC over and over - finally found it was the splitter between the cable and the internet. could that be the problem? they replaced my several times, same problem, apparently they're using defective splitters. fucking twits. finally i just dumped 'em for verizon. but NOW i'm moving from wburg to greenpoint and am in fear for my internet life, on which i, too, depend for a living.

i went ahead and ordered the TWC today, because the verizon site claims they don't have access to my building, even though the CO is 8,000 feet away.

i believe i'm beginning to hate everybody.